In the September issue of Among Us, we highlighted why you need to build a culture of honest performance review during the Diagnosis stage and open communication during the Dialogue stage.

Now, we do understand – putting these into action can be a whole different ball game. That’s why this month, we’re getting down to the how part and equipping you with actionable tips and best practices. Specifically, we’ll spotlight the crucial role of vessel managers.

Break away from the ‘right answer mentality’

We might sound like a broken record, but this is worth repeating: Safety Delta is a departure from the ‘right answer mentality’ of audits and vetting.

We encourage honest and truthful performance review, which creates an open and trusting environment. Think of it as opening up to your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Honest, realistic answers in the Diagnosis survey let you correctly identify, address, and improve the true areas of concern.

So how can vessel managers play a part in this pursuit? Let’s explore some best practices.

Join the Dialogue with an open mind

The Dialogue stage gives you a unique opportunity to gain insights into matters that might not typically surface in regular meetings. It broadens your perspective and stimulates reflections that will guide you in the Development stage.

What’s the role of vessel managers in this stage? Here are some best practices.

Further reading

Check out the Shore-based Support Guide to learn more about:

Conversation starters – We give you an easy four-step structure for the Dialogue

Office staff roles in the Development stage – Your engagement and interest help motivate the crew in the development activities and thus improve the outcome

Welcome to the Safety Delta universe!

Ahoy and a warm sea breeze of a welcome to the J.J. Ugland Companies as they embark on their exciting voyage into the world of Safety Delta! 🎉

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