Another year sails by, and what a voyage it has been for us! We want to take a moment to celebrate the progress we’ve made together in 2023:

These numbers are more than just figures…

They are a testament to the dedication and commitment of every single one of you to safety.

They are 3744+ stories of uncovered issues in vessels, of crew members being able to speak up during dialogues, of on-board officers fostering an open and trusting atmosphere, of vessel managers becoming more involved, of learnings turned into improvement initiatives, and many more.

We are grateful to be your partner. Here’s to another year of making waves in maritime safety!

Before we set sail for new horizons in 2024, let’s look back at this year’s top 3 Among Us issues as well as your inspiring Safety Delta Moments.

Top 3 Among Us issues

✴️ The dark side of exceptional CSD scores

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing all is well because the numbers say so. Having exceptional scores in the Crew Safety Diagnosis (CSD) report makes it tempting to live in “La-la Land” – a world where we’re comfortable with the illusion of perfection. The thing is, there is no perfect vessel. Read more…

✴️ Empowering vessel managers to drive honest reviews and open dialogues

We might sound like a broken record, but this is worth repeating: Safety Delta is a departure from the ‘right answer mentality’ of audits and vetting. We encourage honest and truthful performance reviews. How can vessel managers play a part in this pursuit? Read more…

✴️ Be a buddy, not a bully

“So what if I joke about it? We’re sailors, for goodness’ sake! It’s a tough job, live with it!” Harassment and bullying remain a problem on board ships and a big contributor to the ‘silent pandemic’ of mental health issues. How can you create a ‘buddy culture’ and eliminate a ‘bully culture’? Read more…

Safety Delta Moments

Thank you to all those who submitted their entries this year! Click the links below to check out the #SafetyDeltaMoments photos and stories of these vessels:

🚢 Navigator Nova

🚢 Sten Baltic 1st entry

🚢 Sten Baltic 2nd entry

🚢 MT Christina

🚢 TORM Amorina 1st entry

🚢 TORM Amorina 2nd entry

🚢 TORM New Zealand

🚢 TORM Signe 1st entry

🚢 TORM Signe 2nd entry

🚢 TORM Alice 1st entry

🚢 TORM Alice 2nd entry 

🚢 TORM Thunder

🚢 TORM Sublime


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