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The full Safety Delta Learning Library has more than 40 modules divided among 7 safety areas, such as Risk Management, Safety Leadership, Health and Well-being, Safety Reporting, On Board Learning and Development, Safety Behaviours, and Leadership and Culture.

Safety I's is the starting point

The ultimate cultural starting point when you wish to build a proactive ‘learning before incidents’ culture is – behaviour. Behaviour shapes a culture and when it comes to safety, no matter how much you improve systems, processes, and tools, behaviour is still the final influencer.

Safety is essentially rooted in each person’s behaviour and a ‘Learning before incidents’ culture is only achieved if we are clear about what kind of human behaviour can be regarded as proactive (the behaviour we wish to see).

To be able to develop towards a proactive behaviour we need guidance. Safety Delta gives this guidance and supplies a full cycle consisting of a survey (Diagnosis), constant articulation of safety (Dialogue) and activities and learning (Development) that empower the crew to influence the safety culture on board.

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