This is the second module out of twelve selected from the Safety Delta Learning Library. It will be available all of October and November.

In the process of learning before an incident, an important focus area is to ensure that jobs are well done through the application of risk management principles. It is our firm belief that risk management is a unified process that cannot be disregarded in any type of work and situations. Rather, it is integrated to the work itself, be it in formal or informal ways.

Risk management is defined as the process of identifying, analysing, assessing, and controlling risks. Its main purpose is to ensure safety at the workplace, to prevent accidents, and in case untoward events happen, to learn from them. Holistic risk management must be a way of thinking and not simply a paper exercise done in compliance with the procedures.


Proper risk management helps prevent accidents

In this module, you will learn about the three-phase risk management process and the key actions attached to each phase.

In the coming modules, the supporting tools will be presented and explained.

To start working with the three-phase risk management process, read the brief, view the animation, carry out the activities, and be able to:

Recognise the importance of the risk management process
Familiarise yourself with the basic principles of the risk management process
Involve the entire team in the risk management process

Learn how to apply the three-phase risk management process via these learning materials:

Read the Risk_Management_Brief. It introduces you to the Three-phase Risk Management Process and explains the key Safety I’s behaviours related to it.

View the animation below. This gives you a visible introduction and shows what actions to take.

After reading the brief and watching the animation, you are now ready to try your knowledge about Risk Assessment and see how it can be done in practice in your daily work life.

Discuss and carry out the activities below – these can help you practise your learnings. How-to guidance is included in each document.

RAP_Practical_exercise: Learn how to apply the three basic steps of a thorough risk assessment. Conduct this activity before the execution of a job.

RAP_Flash_card_activity: This activity is a flash card game, which exercises the target learners’ understanding of risk assessment practices. Print the flash cards before this activity. Conduct the activity after reading the brief and during a safety training.

RAP_Group_discussion: To stimulate a discussion regarding risk assessment practices this activity includes cards containing statements that will help start the discussion. Conduct the activity after reading the brief and during a safety meeting.

TPRM_Poster: Helps you keeping your mind focused on the three phases of the Risk Management Process.

Have fun!

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