Soft skills & communication subjects:

› Appropriate assertiveness
This helps develop your ability to communicate assertively in which you respectfully, sincerely and constructively express your thoughts, desires and concerns in the face of a potential conflict or stressful situation.

› Crisis Management
This provides you with methods that are universal and applicable to different kinds of crises.

› Team communication
This deals with the importance of effective team communication, the barriers to team communication, and the key behaviours that can help you overcome those barriers.

› Giving clear instructions
This takes you through the importance of giving clear instructions as well as the three key actions for doing it in a proper and effective way.

› Encouraging crew to speak up
This talks about the consequences of silence, the barriers for speaking up, and how to break the silence using two different and useful tools.

› Objection management
This is about how you can manage objection – why it is important to handle it right as well as the techniques and best practices for handling it to achieve a positive outcome.

› Appreciative feedback
This discusses the concept of appreciation, its importance in reinforcing workplace safety, and some ways to formulate and give appreciative feedback.

› Corrective feedback
This deals with the importance of giving corrective feedback and the ways of doing it right.

› Conflict management
This helps you look at conflict in a positive way, identify the different types of conflict, and handle them the right way.

› Active Listening
This introduces active listening: why it is important and what its difference from just ‘hearing’. It also covers the verbal and non-verbal responses that convey active listening..

› Questioning techniques
This guides you in asking the right questions in order for you to gather relevant information, gain deeper insight, and know the truth behind what others tell you.

In-demand soft skills & communication course programmes:

» Best practice in communication 1: Establishing good relations

» Best practice in communication 2: Sharing the message effectively

» Best practice in communication 3: Interventions and performance

» Crisis Management – for Masters and Senior Officers ∗NEW!

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