Leadership subjects:

› Leadership theories and concepts
This reflective learning topic enables the participants to gain insight into the ingredients that make a good leader in people’s perception.

› Interpersonal leadership
This deals with the capacity and responsibility of leaders to inspire and empower others to make best use of  their potentials, thereby resulting in beneficial and lasting outcomes.

› Leadership styles
This helps participants understand the importance of ‘reading’ situations, thereby enabling them to apply the correct leadership style/s.

› Team building development and dynamics
This deals with creating strong and self-empowered teams that hold themselves mutually accountable towards a shared goal.

› Broken windows theory
This theory is explained in connection with the human behaviors and puts emphasis on the importance of positive actions in prevention of accidents and injuries

› Role-awareness
This gives participants a clear understanding of their personal strengths that they should build on and weaknesses that they should improve in relation with their job roles.

In-demand leadership course programmes:

Each Maritime Leadership course is a theme on it’s own and participants will get a complete learning from each course.

» Maritime Leadership I: Understanding your leadership role 

» Maritime Leadership II: Communicating effectively 

» Maritime Leadership III: Building your team 

» Maritime Leadership IV: Getting things done 

» Maritime Leadership V: Growing your team  

» Leading and motivating people

» Visible Leadership Workshop

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