Crew seminars - important topics

Take the opportunity to address some of the challenging issues and make sure that you create a dialogue about some of the challenging issues on board. Using an active and involving process will ensure that the participants leave the seminar with a better understanding and leadership tools to take back on board. Useful feedback and inspiring and dynamic processes will empower the outcome of the seminars. Green-Jakobsen has years of experience in running or providing substantial input to crew seminars across the world.

The subjects we address could be any of safety and leadership course subjects.

Besides, we have developed films and multimedia productions which are used as the core learning media in three seminar modules with the following titles:

Harassment and Bullying


Social Media Awareness

The modules are run as interactive seminar sessions of two hours

Showing selected sections of the video explaining the topic and the dilemmas attached to it
Presenting the topic’s influence on the involved parties
Sharing and discussing own and others‘ experiences and how to deal with the topic
Discussing best practice behaviour and what can be done to handle the problem

The session is delivered by an experienced instructor with maritime background. The audience can be all crew members - from officers to ratings - and can count up to 120.

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