Health & well-being subjects:

› Stress management
This discusses stress management for seafarers as it focuses on proactive and reactive stress management strategies that individuals, colleagues, leaders, and organisations can apply to avoid the negative impact of stress to the well-being of seafarers and to the safety culture on board.

› Conflict handling
This helps you to look at conflict in a positive way, identify the different types of conflict, and handle them the right way.

› Handling time pressure
This gives you an insight in how to plan and use time wisely, identify which tasks are urgent and important, and prioritise them using the urgent-important matrix.

› Mental health awareness
This explains the importance of mental health awareness on board and presents the different ways to avoid, spot and address mental health problems.

› Harassment and bullying
This discusses harassment and bullying, and gives examples of these behaviours and some ways to help stopping them.

› Fatigue management
This talks about the common causes and proper management of fatigue, and covers the regulations on rest hours for seafarers.

In-demand health & well-being subjects:

» Mental Health Awareness

» Stress and Fatigue Management

» Harassment and Bullying

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