How to succeed with cultural change projects in the maritime industry. What is good practice?

Some companies succeed with their development objectives and quite a few companies struggle. What makes companies succeed when they set out on a change process?


The course will focus on best practice in development and change process; how to embed new behaviour and thereby cultivate new ways of thinking and acting.

What you get:

A suitcase of ideas and methods
A way forward with your own project


Executive managers, office and middle managers driving cultural change at any level of the company.


The scope is developed based on the participants’ own cases, a two-day attendance course and follow-up by a coaching session and two webinars.

Course programme

Pre-course activities

Classroom training

Post-course coaching and webinars

Activity/ initiative

Participants submit description of own case.

To ensure project relevance the participant will discuss his/her project with the GJ instructor


  • Development of culture within the organisation
  • Defined desired change in behaviour
Two-day attendance course in Copenhagen with accommodation.

GJ consultants will present organisational change best practice
and principles, share their experience
and examples from companies that
have succeeded with cultural change programmes

A) Two hours of coaching with a GJ consultant following up on case and learning objectives

B) Access to two interactive group webinars about related methods or approaches


Case criteria should be met as much as possible in order to ensure a high outcome of the case work and feedback that takes place during and after the course Participants receive tried and tested methods, inspiration and principles to manage effectful organisational change based on GJ experience and related to a company specific challenge Individual implementation of methods and realisation of learned techniques on a general level and during coaching also in specific challenges


  • Filling out case description form
  • Informal talk with
    GJ consultant
Practical work with cases and collaboration among participants will take place with guidance on how to move the process in the individual cases A) Coaching in person or over video conference

B) Interactive group webinars

Curriculum outline:

Following the GJ programme approach the course has five headlines:

Understanding of working with organisational culture and what composes the capacity of the organisation
Understanding the importance of how to mobilise the organisation based on solid strategies - from objective through deliverables to effect; programme organisation
Preparing tangible materials and templates creating the foundation for competence development and behavioural change
Understanding how to implement the tools and methods prepared during the Creation phase and how to manage the change process
Understanding how to keep the process alive. Using and effect indication tool

Where and when:

The course will be a two-day residential attendance course taking place in Copenhagen. Date is yet to be set.

The coaching session will take place within three months after the course, according to agreement with the individual participants.

Access to two webinars within six months after the course.

Price in toal: EUR 2,300

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