Often, working with our down-to-earth approach means having to view safety and development in a new perspective.

It requires trust, openness and self-reflection.

Rather than relying on the cause and effect of precise procedures and checklists, we engage with your people, identifying the changes potentially needed in their behaviour in order to lift the safety culture overall.

They teach us how to teach and think differently
Allan Dan Jensen - Marine HR officer, Development at TORM
They engage with us to make a genuine impact
Allan Dan Jensen - Marine HR Officer, Development at TORM

We have seen that real impact can be achieved when every single person is aware of how he or she contributes to a shared goal, whether it’s the company vision or the main aim of a safety programme. In any case, a shared goal really has to make sense to everyone, and it has to be achievable.  We transform strategy into daily work.

To go about this, we make employees self-reflect in different ways. In most of our workshops and training we involve participants actively in a very ‘hands-on’ manner in order to make everyone think about their own contribution. They are asked to reflect on: ‘what does this mean to me in my everyday work?’ or ‘how does my leadership impact the crew and vessel performance?’

In some situations, we facilitate a bottom-up feedback process, where we listen to input and at the same time ask employees to consider their own role and influence.

We call this reflective learning and we find that this helps bridging the gap between the learning situation and the work situation.

Alongside making employees aware of their part and of influencing a larger process, we try to foster an open and trusting atmosphere for everyone. This part is not easy at all. Nevertheless, experience has taught us again and again that pursuing openness and trust in the long run pays dividends when a change in safety mindset is needed.

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"Alongside ensuring employees are aware of their role and how they do influence a larger process, we endeavor to foster an open and trusting atmosphere. One where even the youngest, most inexperienced or introvert employee is comfortable speaking up."

Bjarke Jakobsen
Bjarke Jakobsen
Partner and Senior Consultant

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