The process of transforming an idea into culture doesn’t happen at the office at a meeting. Instead, it requires prudent and practical planning and process cultivation. There is a difference between talking about resilience and engagement and actually achieving it.

Ensuring a resilient safety culture is not the delivery of a package – it is a process that requires focus, persistency and on-going monitoring of progress. Green-Jakobsen helps our clients manage this process and have a long and proven record of doing so.

Consultants tend to come in, engage, roll out their program, create change and then leave. Often the case that once they leave the building, its “back to normal” and colleagues are not left with tools to continue the initiative. Green-Jakobsen do not leave the same impression.
Allan Dan Jensen - Marine HR officer, Development at TORM
GJ assists us in transforming strategy into daily work. In their line of work, they are thought leaders.
Kaj Pilemand - CTO at Ultraship

For Green-Jakobsen building resilience is more than achieving compliance of the sort you see in campaigns such as the one you see for Shell.

The most communicated definition of resilience is: ‘the ability to bounce back and learn from adversity’. However, further analysis is needed in order to reach a proper understanding of the concept, and it carries a great need for additional talks. When taking a closer look at the various definitions there seems to be another way of seeing resilience, which appears to be more straightforward: Engagement. Using this word suddenly makes it easier to understand what a company can do to build resilience.

For Green-Jakobsen, the ability to organize genuine engagement through employee dialogue, reflection and learning processes is what makes organisations ‘bounce back correctly’ after both positive and adverse events. It is the real difference between the talk and the walk.

They challenge us with something tangible which we can gain from in return.
Søren Vest - Head of Marine QA at Ultraship
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"For our clients, our strength lies in our ability to integrate the concept of resilience into the daily work and operations of both ship and shore staff. We help translate high-level ideas such as ‘engagement’ and ‘bouncing back from adversity’ to employee behaviour at work and guide our clients during the journey."

Erik Green
Erik Green
Managing Director and Partner

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