Engaged employees means better employee well-being, safety and performance

Engaged employees are motivated to do a good job, are aware of their workplace, cooperate better with team members and leaders, and participate actively in creating improvements.

In other words, engaged employees are promoters of the company and drive best practice performance. 

The Green-Jakobsen engagement model

An employee’s level of engagement depends on different factors, such as

relationships with managers and peers,
opportunities for personal and professional growth,
meaningful work &
comfortable and safe wroking environment

The Green-Jakobsen crew engagement model is structured to cover these factors. It is structured in three levels with the following engagement drivers:

On company level: Connection to company

On team and work level: Relation with the Manager/Officer; relation with the team; job satisfaction

On individual level: Personal well-being

Get real-time insight - and the opportunity to react in time

The GJ Crew Engagement Survey gives you a real-time picture of the crew’s perception of the work culture.

Based on the input it will be possible to identify areas or points that are important to address to maintain or further enhance the general engagement and well-being of crew.

It gives you concrete ways of taking action after you receive the survey results and this a tool to immediately react on things you may not have been aware of prior to the survey.


The survey consists of about 40 questions. It is anonymous and processed by Green-Jakobsen and can therefore serve as a safe channel to raise opinions – and thus reveal conditions that are hard for the crew to say in the open.


Contact us directly for more information: a.helms@green-jakobsen.com or t.schmidt@green-jakobsen.com

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