Initially we wanted to develop our organisation, to increase the efficiency and to get aligned on where we should go and how we should get there. We also wanted to lift the level of knowledge in general for the various positions in our organisation. But where should we start? We realized we should start with our employees who set direction – our leaders. We had an ambition to achieve a synchronized way of doing, with the end goal that all of our ships should be regarded as reliable partners by our customers.
Linda Frederich - HR Manager at Rederiet Stenersen AS


In Stenersen they completed a Leadership Maturity Assessment and the conclusions from this revealed that the leadership culture of the Company was not sufficiently developed. The Stenersen top management therefore decided to initiate a leadership training programme.


A tailor made leadership training programme was designed and developed based on the needs and wishes of Stenersen AS. The objective of the programme was to clarify and integrate Company goals, facilitate the development of strategies and support company values. In extension hereof the programme develops the abilities of the employees to show direction and influence sub-ordinates to work in the set direction.

Benefits and results

Linda Frederich, HR Manager of Stenersen explains as follows: ‘On the last day of the course, the officers must complete what we call a Personal Development and Action Plan. In this plan, they must specify how they intend to integrate the various leadership tools given during the course when they come on board their respective vessels. I will get a copy of these plans and six months after the course, I will call them one by one to see how they have progressed with their goals. I am pleased to say that they have written more than I expected, and when I call them they are very precise and positive. They also have a clear opinion on their status. They typically emphasize the benefits of having better tools when managing their crew. Furthermore our junior officers and ratings have mentioned that they have been able to establish a better relationship with the seniors when they have returned on board after the leadership courses.

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