We share the idea with them that you cannot ‘buy’ safety. It's a behavior, it’s something that needs to be present all the time in everything you do. We believe if you have a good safety culture, you will also have an overall good performance
Kaj S. Pilemand - Chief Technical Officer at Ultraship

For our Ultrasafe program, we deployed Green-Jakobsens’ Safety I’s alongside our own Accountability Ladder as “foundation stones”.

We then customized training to suit each rank, nationality, business unit and ship/shore role:

  • by language
  • by culture
  • in phases


Firstly, we translated the “how” into practice without returning to old routines.

Secondly, we maintained momentum by keeping a variety of challenging materials running using Green-Jakobsen’s Safety Delta on board.

And thirdly, we are now adapting the Ultrasafe program to focus on shore staff and the shore/ship interface.

By ensuring that the “what’s” and “why’s” (procedures) were accompanied by the actual “how’s” (safety standards manual, planned maintenance system) we have been able to of apply both Safety I’s and our Ultraship accountability ladder in practice.

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