Across the fleet, people report that different leaders have very different practices for leadership. This leads to confusion, insecurity, fear, and people not being willing to share concerns. The free-text analysis reveals that some leaders are perceived to be harsh and impolite, and thereby creating a blame culture.

These are some of the conclusions made in one of our client’s safety mature assessment reports. For those of us with many years of onboard experience there is nothing new under the sun here. As an aggressive leadership style unfortunately is something that most of us have had to accept on an ongoing basis since we started in this industry.

However, officers who always operate in a command and control fashion inflict ill-being to their crew. They strive to achieve their objectives through the efforts of others but without respect for their needs.

Everyone can learn leadership skills

In Green-Jakobsen we believe that everyone has the ability to go some way to address this matter in an alternative manner through own personal development and the application of leadership skills that focus differently.

After a leadership course comprising a range of leadership subjects our clients experience that junior officers and ratings have seen a change on board when the senior officers have returned to their vessels after finishing the course. The atmosphere is said to have improved. They express that the senior officers’ ability to communicate with the other crew members has been boosted.

Read about a course sequence prepared for a group of officers here

New skills, new habits

We do realize that the acquisition process of these leadership skills takes time, dedication, effort and practice. Inevitably, applying new skills means that old habits have to be dropped and new ones have to be learnt; we have to change certain aspects of our behaviour.

Have in mind that this process takes weeks or even months and is not something that you can achieve overnight, however, what is important is that leadership is a skill set that you can acquire and master, – it is not something you are born with.

Good leaders make people perform

Leadership is common sense you apply on board your vessel in a consistent fashion. It is not rocket science and nor does it come solely as your birth right.

Good leaders know that people are capable of delivering exceptional results when given the ocrrect stimuli, bearing in mind to always treat them fairly and with dignity knowing that aggression has not place in a leader’s toolkit.

The articles referred to in the bar to the right give a picture of the effect of our leadership training.

We design the courses according to your needs

We always listen carefully to our clients’ needs and wishes and our courses can be delivered world-wide. Our trainers are experienced, focused and inspirational educators and they are based in Copenhagen, Manila, Mumbai and Athen.

We deliver in-house courses, short seminars, forums and officers’ conferences, open courses, webinars, 1:1 sessions.

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