The Leadership course strengthens the juniors’ role in safety on board and backs them up in acknowledging and practising that role.

In this article we will let the junior officers’ statements stand alone. And according to the statements from three of the Junior Officers who completed the course there is nothing to lose.

Three junior officers applying their leadership skills

Three of the participants in TORM’s Safety Leadership Course for Junior Officers, JO Franko, JO Mahesh and JO Mathias, have started realising their journey towards safety leadership as they have been carrying out the last part of the course, which is the Application phase.

Take a closer look at junior officers’ leadership realisations and learnings—and what they want to tell their fellow junior officers.

Their realisations

JO Franko Separovic: “I realised that, to be honest, I think I need to practice more to be a better leader and especially in doing the on-board tasks and facilitating the dialogue and development parts. I need to give more and more effort.”

JO Mahesh Bararwa: “I learned how to have a practical approach to any job. How to particularly approach any task, plan, then assess, then carry out then debrief. We’re already doing that, but now, practically and in a safe manner.”

JO Mathias Pedersen: “I find the course really relevant because I see it as part of my promotion, and I am expecting to get promoted quite soon so it really will be something that I have to use soon. For me, the time was perfect.”

And he adds: “What really gave me something was the Safety Delta Dialogue which I have to be in charge of when on board. You can be ‘on the side’ and see how others do but you have to do it yourself in order to get it under your skin.”

Their learnings

JO Mahesh Bararwa: “I learned how to be actively involved and take the lead in important activities on board. Likewise, I learned how to involve my fellow crew members.”

JO Mathias Pedersen: “All the tools presented in the course are all useful in our day-to-day safety at work. I can also use them when I take on my role as a senior officer.”

JO Franko Separovic: “Safety-wise, I learned to perform better and safer and how to be more focused on a specific task. Leadership-wise, even though, it is hard to speak up and make others do so, I can practise the tools from the course in order for me to actively participate and encourage my colleagues to participate.

Why embark on the same journey?

JO Mathias Pedersen: “For your own sake, of course, you should have an interest in completing it. And I recommend that you see it as part of achieving promotion. I know it is something that TORM is looking into, that you actually complete it and that you also have to do this final half a day of the course where have to discuss the reflection logbook. See it as part of your career to achieve the promotion. You have to take your own lead on your own career.”

JO Franko Separovic: “You should be more involved in this safety tasks and safety reporting, during the contract and do all these toolbox meetings and debriefing after specific job, just to go through that, do not just do these fast, just be more involved in that everything, what is important and also encourage other crew to participate and to speak up also about, because somebody can have more experience with some specific job, even if it’s on low position or whatever. Yes. we should have more time doing toolbox talks and debriefings because somebody who is a junior officer or a senior officer maybe didn’t experience hazards before in his career so we could always, should always listen to each other and respect and so on.”

JO Mahesh Bararwa: “I think it’s great for all of us who attended the course. We got guidance on how to proceed.

As a junior, we’re doing tasks, but small tasks that are maybe not so risky or not including so many people, some routine tasks, but when you become senior, there are many jobs which you have to plan and carry out successfully without any hazard, any incident. So, for that, this course provided us with that practical approach providing some basic ideas on how to carry out the job without missing anything.”

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