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Workshops during the Danish Maritime Days in Copenhagen

Developing resilient safety cultures is the title of a workshop Green-Jakobsen conduct upon request. It was first held at the Danish Maritime Days.

In Green-Jakobsen we have gained first-hand knowledge about how to improve safety performance. Our point of departure for the workshops is the industry trends exposed in the safety maturity assessments carried out by Green-Jakobsen over the last 6-7 years. During these assessments we have interviewed a vast number of seafarers and office staff who have all given us their honest opinion and beliefs of the safety standards and performance. The input from the employees together with our expertise within this field of work has given us strong and effective ideas on how to improve a company’s safety performance.

Some shipping companies have a feeling of where the difficulties (and successes) are, but others are surprised. The assessment, however, shows the facts black on white. The major challenge of the shipping companies is hence to convert the strong and weak points into a tangible safety strategy to for example address unwanted behaviour on board, implement a safety performance measurement process, improve safety leadership, etc.

We are often asked by our clients if we can guarantee a change in the LTIF of the company. Generally speaking our answer is that we cannot give any guarantee, but we strongly believe in what we do and that we can prove an impact. Our applied methods and approaches form the basis for our onward programming. But the essential contribution comes from the company itself by demonstrating a genuine commitment.

Green-Jakobsen guides and facilitates the process making sure that the company stays on the right track. The readiness to regard the process as a long-term strategic programme that will slowly and steadily align the company mindset at all levels will build resilience. Green-Jakobsen’s long record with safety development helps us find the right approaches responding to the relevant challenges identified.

From our assessments we have identified and collected a number of typical challenges, theses, possibilities, problems, solutions and the way employees percieve them. With a take-off in some of these theses we will share views and experiences and hopefully we can give you some inspiring ideas for your ongoing safety development.

In Green-Jakobsen we want to discuss and share with our partners and clients some of the challenges we have found to be prevailing and how they potentially can be overcome in building a resilient safety culture.

In order to enquire about Green-Jakobsen’s workshops, please send an email to: We welcome up to 20 people at each workshop.

See more about our workshops here.

Danish Maritime Days is a global platform for collaboration across the maritime industry and it is a major event taking place every year. Green-Jakobsen is usually represented through safety and/or leadership workshops.

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