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Since its conception in 2015, Safety Delta has reached thousands of seafarers and hundreds of vessels across all regions in the world. Communication with all Safety Delta stakeholders is important for us, since it is a fantastic source of acquiring new learnings, inspiring stories, and development opportunities about Safety Delta and how we experience Safety Delta as users and developers.

Therefore, we started the newsletter called Among Us.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a monthly e-newsletter dedicated to our Safety Delta users. Unlike most commercial newsletters that are centred on selling and marketing goods, Among Us focuses instead on sharing valuable knowledge, experiences, and information to promote safety culture development via the Safety Delta tool.

Among Us features contents such as:

Latest news and updates about Safety Delta tools and concept
Feedback from Safety Delta users
Good stories collected among Safety Delta clients
Tips and tricks to maximise the Safety Delta experience


Among Us FAQs

How often does Among Us release issues?

Among Us is a monthly bulletin. We aim to release an issue per month to ensure consistent updates to Safety Delta users without clogging their inboxes. Special issues are also published from time to time.

How much does Among Us subscription cost?

Among Us subscription is free of charge.

I’d like to enroll my entire fleet to Among Us. What should I do?

You may send us a list of names and email addresses to, and we will include them in the subscription.

I’d like to request a PDF copy of the Among Us issue. What should I do?

To request a printable PDF copy of monthly Among Us issues, please send us a message to Meanwhile, special issues already come with a printable PDF copy.

I’d like to integrate Among Us into my company’s newsletter/bulletin. What should I do?

If you wish to include Safety Delta news in your company’s newsletter or bulletin, please send us a message to You may also simply copy and paste relevant text and images from the Among Us pages. If only a portion of the article will be used, kindly include a link to the full article.

I’d like to suggest a topic for an Among Us issue. What should I do?

We would love to hear your suggestions about what best to feature on Among Us. Please send us an email to Kindly include a short description of your suggested topic.

I am subscribed to Among Us, but I don’t receive the issues. What should I do?

If you are already subscribed but do not receive the issues in your e-mail inbox, kindly check your Spam/Junk folder. We are using a special e-mail platform to facilitate sending out of Among Us issues, and it is likely that your e-mail server does not recognise this platform. We encourage you to right-click to show the options, go to Junk options and select “Not Junk”, as shown in the image. In case the issues still do not appear in your spam/junk folder, please send us a message to



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Safety Delta
Safety Delta is a tool to strengthen a proactive safety culture. It enables crew and shipping companies to identify areas of good safety performance to learn from, as well as to react on signs of poor safety behaviour before an incident happens. In this way, Safety Delta stimulates a continuous improvement mindset.
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